Project Agora — Bye Beneco X Reverend Beat-Man

Saturday, 06 May

Project Agora is a post-genre festival founded in Basel that is supported by the Verein Project Agora. The festival represents a new Basel platform to create a dialogue between people of all ages, backgrounds, and preferences through music and to broaden their perception by offering new sound experiences by bringing new acoustic experiences to life.
Berlin-based South African band Bye Beneco, with its sparkling kaleidoscope of dreamy indie pop interspersed with cosmic disco and neon psychedelic sounds, will collaborate with celebrated Swiss musician Beat Zeller, better known as Reverend Beat-Man.
Bye Beneco, a band of multi-talented musicians from Johannesburg, is fronted by Lenny-Dee Doucha. They have had several successful European tours since 2016, having performed at renowned international festivals, such as Primavera (BCN) and Stimmen (DE).
Reverend Beat-Man is a Swiss musician, DJ and record company owner. Among other projects that he fronts, he plays as a one-man band around the world. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, the US, UK, Japan, and South America He plays guitar and drums, performing "a flow of sound unique to him, offering his many listeners a sacrament of rock'n'roll, gospel trash, surreal folk, and wild blues." This crossover will undoubtedly be something hot and explosive.


Holzpark Klybeck
Uferstrasse 40
4057 Basel

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