Project Agora — Concerto di Margherita X Jaka Arh & Martin Theurillat

Gare du Nord
daniel roelli
Friday, 05 May

Project Agora is a post-genre festival founded in Basel that is supported by the Verein Project Agora. The festival represents a new Basel platform to create a dialogue between people of all ages, backgrounds, and preferences through music and to broaden their perception by offering new sound experiences by bringing new acoustic experiences to life.
This concert is a unique meeting of two very different ensembles. Concerto di Margherita, a group of self-accompanying singers and instrumentalists who are specialists of early Renaissance music, will meet a live electronic duo, comprised of Jaka Arh and Martin Theurillat. These two musical worlds could not be further apart and yet the act of combining the two—approached with the sensitivity, understanding and openness that these musicians embody—allows for an opportunity to create something daring and truly unique. The highly sought-after ensemble Concerto di Margherita focuses on the revival of the historical practice of singing while accompanying oneself on an instrument. Martin Theurillat and Jaka Arh met in Basel and created this project to explore the field of live performance with electronics. In this concert, they will explore the combination of acoustic instruments with live electronic augmentation, manipulation and processing to generate fresh sounds and new ideas.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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