Puppet Theater: Bobelog — Why Are the Stars Dancing?


A table, a woman, a man and the little Bobelog — puppet, child. But who is this boy? He would so dearly like to have a friend, he imagines great voyages trough the universe, and transforms his everyday world into a space with no limits. Bobelog invents a magical galaxy full of mysteries and surprises: the camping stove becomes a spaceship and Bobelog takes off from the edge of the table into the space …
Together with Christian Zehnder, a musician and director for experimental theater, Michael Huber and Suzanne Nketia explore new ways for the perspective of their vision of a theater with objects largely independent from words. This puppet and object theater without words is suitable for all ages from age 5.
Tickets are CHF 20 for adults, CHF 10 for kids, and a special price of CHF 20 for 1 adult and 1 child.


PUP UP — Temporäres Figurentheater für Familien
Innere Margarethenstrasse 28
4051 Basel

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