Puppet Theater—Do You Know How Much I Love You?

Basler Marionetten Theater

It's evening... Bedtime for the little bunny, who should go to sleep now. But he can't fall asleep—he's not tired yet! And so the big rabbit still has to come up with a few ideas. The two of them keep outdoing each other and show each other how much, how big, how high, how long, etc. they love each other. Until finally, finally the little rabbit falls aslee … zzzz … zzzz… This wide-awake story for all sleep seekers lasts 40 minutes, will be performed in high German, and is ideal for families with kids ages 4 and up.
Tickets are CHF 20:80 for adults and CHF 15.70 for kids.


Basler Marionetten Theater
Münsterplatz 8
4051 Basel

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