Puppet Theater — Little Giant Stanislas

Basler Marionetten Theater
© figurentheater lupine

What does someone want who is so small that he fits in a nutshell? To grow . And what does he do to grow ? Eat; eat a lot. That's exactly what little Stanislas does. He eats and he grows. And he doesn't stop growing. He is one, two, even several heads taller than everyone else and many things become too small for him. Stanislas is lonely. He may be the star in the circus, but he has no friends and wants to leave. But where to? He doesn’t know, and just keeps on going straight, out into the wide world. And thanks to his friendship with an ant, Stanislas suddenly realizes that being big can be great and that he himself is sometimes very small. This is a tender story about being “different.”
Both visually and linguistically, Kathrin Leuenberger skillfully switches between big and small. Her paper theater is incredibly imaginative and precise, and the means always seem so simple and pure—simply magnificent! In 2022, Kathrin Leuenberger received the City of Biel’s Culture Prize.
This theater piece is performed in dialect with paper- and object figurines; ideally suited for young and old, starting at age 6.
Tickets are CHF 21 for adults and CHF 15.80 for kids.


Basler Marionetten Theater
Münsterplatz 8
4051 Basel

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