Puppet Theater — Rumpelstilzli (Rumpelstiltskin)

MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen
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15:00 (11:00 on June 11;11:00 & 15:00 on June 18)

The old miller should have kept his mouth shut. The claim that his beautiful daughter Elena can spin straw into gold spreads like wildfire throughout the kingdom. King Niklas and his sinister advisor Herr von Rabenhut want to get to the bottom of the gossip. After all, gold is always useful. So Elena is locked in a chamber with straw. There she must prove that what they say is true. Elena is angry and deeply distressed. Then a little man appears who offers her his help in exchange for something that is very dear to her heart. Can she trust the little man? But King Niklas also has his doubts. Has he gone too far with his command? And why does he always feel so light in the presence of the miller's daughter?
“Rumpelstilzli” was the first family play to be performed at the Basler Marionettentheater when it moved into the Zehntenkeller in 1956. The fairy tale comes to the stage with the original characters by Richard Koelner, with new voices, a contemporary interpretation, and new music by Thomas C. Gass.
Tickets are CHF 15.80 for kids and students and CHF 21 for adults.


MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen
Baselstrasse 34
4125 Riehen

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