Regionale 23

Various Locations
Ongoing Event
© paula santomé, "hug me barefoot"
Thu., 24 November until Sun., 08 January

The art exhibition Regionale is a unique cross-border project where 18 institutions from Switzerland, Germany, and France each show artistic positions from Basel and the trinational region (northwestern Switzerland, southwestern Baden-Württemberg, and Alsace) at the end of the year. The format of the Regionale serves to promote and intensify the understanding between artists, cultural creators, and institutions. It is open to all artists of the trinational region, offering the public a chance to gain an overview of the current work and to get to know new artists from neighboring countries. The selected participating artists will be given the opportunity to present their work to a broad, supraregional audience. Regionale will present contemporary art by almost 600 local artists at locations scattered around various cities, including Basel, Muttenz, Riehen, Liestal, Weil am Rhein (DE), Freiburg (DE), Hegenheim (FR), Mulhouse (FR), Sélestat (FR), and Strassbourg (FR). In addition to painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and video, the Regionale is also open to digital works on the computer or the internet, as well as to performance art.