Relateful Gathering

Claragraben 125

In Relateful gatherings, we come together and relate, mindfully. We talk about what's present in us and between us, and we let that change us. Through slowing down and exploring the present moment in connection, we tap into the “magic” of relating that can be easy to miss in our everyday lives. With a Relateful approach to connection, we can learn to:
• Bring presence and honest expression to what’s true while connecting
• Notice sensations, emotions, thoughts, and awareness
• Be with the impact of our expression, choices, and interactions
• Follow our curiosity… including our curiosity about our curiosity
• Use meta-awareness to give breathing room to our experience
• Check our assumptions, projections, and narratives
• Trust ourselves more
• Infuse our relating with more truth and love
With practices of awareness and embodiment that allow us to see more clearly and feel more deeply, we can step into a style of full-spectrum conscious-relating that enhances the quality of our relationships. Come together for an interpersonal exploration of presence!
The meeting starts at 19:00, but please arrive 15 minutes early.
Cost is CHF 25 (cash or Twint).

Claragraben 125
4057 Basel

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