Relay Race “Quer Durch Basel”

Saturday, 07 May

Everyone is invited to join the 39th edition of this special relay race in Basel. This year, the route has been moved to Kleinbasel, due to construction on Freie Strasse. It starts and ends at Theodorskirchplatz and loops around Wettsteinplatz, Lindenberg, Oberer Rheinweg, and Riehentorstrasse. It offers an attractive competition arena for teams of different age groups and athletic fitness, including elite runners, men, women, mixed, families, girls, and boys. There is also a category for handicapped participants with a shortened route of 695 m. Each team consists of five participants; registration fee is CHF 90 for adult teams and CHF 60 for handicapped and kids’ teams.
You can register online by clicking on “Anmeldung” on the left of the page, until April 30 (no late registration possible). The youngest participants will start first, with start times ranging from 15:00-17:20. Number bibs will be handed out before the race at the event booth in Theodorskirchplatz, starting at 13:45. Changing rooms and showers will be available for women and men at the Theodors-Turnhalle from 13:00-19:00.
All runners in the first three teams in each category will receive a medal, and all participants will be given a commemorative t-shirt. This is a race where anything is possible as the interplay and harmony within a team often determine victory or defeat and you need speed as well as skill in the handover of the baton. It guarantees high energy for both runners and spectators! Festival tents will be set up at Theodorskirchplatz from 13:00–18:00, so come and enjoy the party atmosphere.


4058 Basel

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