Repair Market

Quartiertreffpunkt Wettstein-Burg
Sat 19.10. | Sat 23.11.

This one-of-a-kind event is a great place to come if you have items that need repair, such as small appliances, chairs, clothing, computers, or toys. Don’t throw them away but bring them to the market, where volunteers will try to repair them. This initiative is not only great for the environment, but a nice way to meet people and chat over some cake and coffee.
Numbers will be given out in the order of arrival to match every participant with the appropriate repairer, and you may have to wait a bit for your turn. Also note that per person only 1 article or piece of clothing will be repaired to give everybody a chance to go. If you have more than 1 piece, you can register with the second one after the first one is repaired.
The service is free, but donations are gratefully accepted in a collection box at the entrance.
Alternatively, if you are good at crafts or enjoy working with wood, metal, fabric, needles and thread, and/or soldering irons, perhaps you would like to volunteer some time on that day to help fix items. You can sign up for this task on their website.


Quartiertreffpunkt Wettstein-Burg
Burgweg 7
4058 Basel

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