ReRenaissance Basel — Ad Narragoniam

Historisches Museum Basel - Barfüsserkirche
Sunday, 28 April

A ship full of fools floats adrift on the cover of Sebastian Brant's "Ship of Fools," printed in Basel in 1494. Above it is the battle cry of the inmates: "Ad Narragoniam" (off to the land of fools)! Around the same time, song collections with the greatest hits of the period around 1500 were created in Basel's student environment, such as the Tschudi song book, the song book of Johannes Heer von Glarus, and the song book of Ambrosius Kettenacker. The musicians of ReRenaissance bring Sebastian Brant's foolish world back to life musically with songs and instrumental pieces from these collections. The audience will of course hear the sounds of the bagpipes that Brant criticized, as well as the lute and harp that he praised and which were used in songs that Brant probably approved of—but also in salacious songs that were sung, for example, during “nightly courting.”
ReRenaissance is a series of concerts that focuses on the music and culture of the Renaissance. These concerts celebrating "a renaissance of the renaissance" are performed by professional musicians from Basel.
The concert is free, but there will be a collection.


Historisches Museum Basel - Barfüsserkirche
Barfüsserplatz 7
4051 Basel

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