Roli Frei & Peter Wagner

Hotel Schützen, Rheinfelden
© hanspeter zaugg
Sunday, 23 June

For more than 45 years, Roli Frei has thrilled and fascinated audiences at home and abroad in a wide variety of formations with his unique voice, which is just as passionate and sensitive when he sings softly and delicately as when he expresses anger or indignation loudly and powerfully. As a listener, you can never escape the immediate emotional touch in one way or another. "Yes, my voice is a gift," the musician admits openly. "I'm very grateful for that!"
In the 90s, Frei returned to his beginnings—with voice and acoustic guitar. Initially as an equal member of the duo Soulful Desert with Robert Schweizer, later in a trio with Roland Fischer, Frei developed his own style as a singer, guitarist, and above all as a songwriter. Instead of a breakthrough, however, a breakdown followed in the mid-noughties.
With the album "Strong" (2010) and a new band—Roli Frei & the Soulful Desert—the now almost 60-year-old musician made an impressive comeback and announced that he had overcome illness and crisis and regained his strength. "Strong is Not Enough" (2016) cemented this status and allows Frei to look back on over 1,600 concerts and around 20 albums in various formations with happiness, gratitude, and relief.
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Hotel Schützen
Bahnhofstrasse 19
4310 Rheinfelden

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