SAGA — Vital Signs Tour 2023

Z7 Konzertfabrik
Sunday, 02 July

Which band has the most loyal fans? SAGA! The Canadian rock band has been around for 45 years and still manage to fill venues and provide the best live atmosphere. Classics like "Wind Him Up," "Don't Be Late," and "Humble Stance" are musical cultural assets. All of the last 10 SAGA albums landed in the upper ranks of the German charts; the latest album, "Symmetry," from 2021 charted at number 11. SAGA’s frontman Michael Sadler said, "It seems that we have experienced a kind of renaissance in recent years, that our music is suddenly rediscovered and appreciated by many. It's probably because we've never been this good live before." In 2023, the Canadians will come to the Z7 Summer Nights to treat the audience to their classics from the open-air stage.
Tickets are CHF 69.


Z7 Konzertfabrik
Kraftwerkstrasse 7
4133 Pratteln

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