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Parterre One
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Friday, 15 December

The Swiss-American Fondue Western export hit and reigning "King of Tears" (RTS) Sam Himself released his second album, "Never Let Me Go," this past January. The 10-track album was once again created in collaboration with his long-time producer and “second Beatle” Daniel Schlett (Iggy Pop; The War on Drugs). The team was completed by Chris Egan (Solange; Blood Orange) on drums and Josh “JD” Werner (Ghostface Killah; CocoRosie) on bass. Mastering engineer Greg Calbi, who is known for his work with David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen, provided the necessary fine-tuning.
The previous single releases, “Mr. Rocknroll,” “Golden Days, and “Never Let Me Go,” offered a first taste and are representative of the sound on the new album—a soundtrack for the first day after the supposedly last one. Compared to Sam Himself's rather dark debut album "Power Ballads," which was about the desolate loneliness of an almost nightmarish time, "Never Let Me Go" shines with the promise of a world that is opening up again; whose studios, stages, and dance floors we can finally enter again and can share with other people; a freedom that we can quickly lose again, as the recent past has shown. The resulting tension between hope and the awareness of its fragility is at the heart of "Never Let Me Go," vulnerable and at the same time powerful.
Tickets are CHF 32 in advance or CHF 37 at the door.


Parterre One
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