Sarah Oppenheimer—N-02 / Olaf Breuning—Two Lakes

von Bartha
Ongoing Event
© olaf breuning, "fire II" (detail)
Fri., 13 May until Wed., 20 July

von Bartha is presenting two solo exhibitions by New York based artists Sarah Oppenheimer and Olaf Breuning in their Basel gallery to coincide with Art Basel in June. Invoking von Bartha’s longstanding engagement with kinetic art, Sarah Oppenheimer’s work introduces the human motor as an agent of phased movement. Known for the manipulation of the built environment, Oppenheimer’s latest work, “N-02,” consists of three interconnected “instruments,” each composed of an elongated black aluminium bar and two linear lighting tracks. Visitors are invited to manually manipulate each instrument. Sliding the black bar modulates the position of overhead lights. Touch animates the environment, creating cyclical patterns of change.
For Breuning’s second solo exhibition at von Bartha, entitled “Two Lakes,” the artist will display a new series of paintings in dialogue with his sculptures in the gallery’s north space. Known for his humorous approach, Breuning uses the world around us to question and initiate conversations about nature itself. In his new series of paintings he playfully addresses pressing subject matters, such as global warming and environmental disruption. The works on view, which convey Breuning’s multi-layered oeuvre, include large block woodcuts, paintings, and sculptural installations and have been inspired by the artists’ surroundings in upstate New York, encompassing trees, raindrops, and flora and fauna.
The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 14:00-18:00 and Saturday from 11:00-16:00.


von Bartha
Kannenfeldplatz 6
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