Ship Simulator Day at Transportation Hub

Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz / Hafenmuseum
Sat 27.04. | Sat 25.05. | Sat 15.06. | Sat 07.09. | Sat 28.09. | Sat 19.10. | Sat 02.11. | Sat 23.11. | Sat 14.12.

The Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz / Hafenmuseum (Transportation Hub Switzerland / Harbor Museum) presents an exciting exhibition about the history of shipping, the importance of logistics in Basel, and the operation of the port of Basel. Here, you will find many models of ships from the entire port area, various films, showcases, and touch tables. Special exhibition drawers have been set up for children.
One of the main features of the exhibition is a Switzerland's only high-seas ship simulator that can be used to train naval officers and practice navigating large vessels on the oceans. On several Saturdays throughout the year, museum visitors can operate the simulator themselves under the guidance of instructors. You stand at the wheel of an ocean-going vessel and maneuver through wind and weather into a harbor.


Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz / Hafenmuseum
Westquaistrasse 2
4057 Basel

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