Simple Music Ensemble — Spirited Away

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Sunday, 05 May

The Simple Music Ensemble World will perform music from the world-famous anime “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki, which was the first animated film to win the Academy Award for Best Full-Length Animated Film. It is the story of a little girl who finds herself in a mysterious world and has to overcome many challenges to save her parents from the charms of an evil sorceress.
Each Miyazaki cartoon is its own world with its own rules, philosophy, and ideas. An important part of Miyazaki's artistic language is the magical music of composer Joe Hisaishi, who serves as his full co-author. Hisaishi doesn't write the soundtrack after the film was made, but parallel to it. The composer receives a short description of the film, based on which he composes the music. Hisaishi uses everything from orchestral melodies to advanced Japanese electronics from the eighties.
On this evening, Simple Music Ensemble World will feature the music in their own unique arrangements. These melodies will take listeners into Miyazaki’s magical world, where evil is always stronger at first, but in the end good always triumphs over it.
Simple Music Ensemble World is a chamber music studio that organizes concerts on the world's best stages and unites professional musicians from different countries who sincerely love their work. The team is multifaceted and is continuously developing, introducing new ideas, expanding the boundaries of their creative activity.
Tickets are CHF 41.50-92.50.


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