Simple Music Ensemble World — My Neighbor Totoro

Stadtcasino Basel
Sunday, 18 August

Simple Music Ensemble World is a chamber music community that hosts concerts on the best stages in the world and brings together professional musicians from different countries who sincerely love their work. The team is diverse and constantly evolving, introducing new ideas and expanding the boundaries of their work.
The concert features music from the cult anime "My Neighbor Totoro" by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The music for Miyazaki's films was written by the veteran genius of Japanese minimalism, Joe Hisaishi. He can be described as Miyazaki’s indispensable companion, because it is his melodies that breathe life into the fantastic worlds created by the director. In "My Neighbor Totoro" the music creates a feeling of lightness and joy. It conveys the atmosphere of childhood and nature. In this film there are no negative characters and no battle between good and evil. It is a film about children who love their world, who are afraid of losing it, who believe in fairy tales and who love being part of this world. Come to the concert to hear Hisaishi’s magical music, performed by the talented musicians of Simple Music Ensemble World. Become part of this fairy tale and experience vivid emotions that you will remember for a long time.
Tickets are CHF 35-70, CHF 30-60 for students.


Stadtcasino Basel
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