Soap Box Car Race Arlesheim

Eremitage Arlesheim
Sunday, 03 September
9:00 | 13:00 start of the races

On this Sunday, soap box car race fans will be gathering in the Eremitage in Arlesheim for the annual race of the self-made vehicles through the woods! The only requirements for the race cars: They must have 4 equally weighted wheels; must have a foot-operated brake acting on both rear wheels; must have a steering wheel; and the axle width must be no more than 1 m because otherwise navigation around the obstacles cannot be ensured. Each car can only have 1 driver, and helmets with chin protection, gloves, as well as long-sleeved shirts and long pants are mandatory for the drivers. But other than that, the only limitation to the construction is the driver's/constructor's imagination and you can see anything from bathtubs to wine barrels careen down the course in the Eremitage in this fun event for drivers and spectators!
Participants gather from 9:00-11:00 on the Domplatz in Arlesheim for a technical inspection of the cars. At that time, registration is still possible if starting slots are still available. At 12:00 the drivers will inspect the route, and at 13:00 the races start! Each driver will go down the route twice, and the one with the fasted cumulative time wins.
The event is free for spectators; starting fee for participants is CHF 10 and will be collected at the technical inspection.


Eremitage Arlesheim
Eremitagestrasse 55
4144 Arlesheim

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