Soap Box Car Race

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Sunday, 28 August

The Basler Seifenkistenrennen (Basel Soap Box Car Race) will take place once again on the Gemsberg and Spalenberg, arguably Basel’s most charming part of the old town. Thirty racing teams will be allowed to compete. The winners can look forward to fame and attractive prizes. Ideally, you are asked to construct your own soap box car out of as much leftover and recycling materials as possible.
One- and two-seater cars are allowed in the race. All cars must have steering and brakes—brake checks will be carried out before the race. The pilots are only allowed to take off with helmets and gloves. All drivers who take part in the races must have completed a test run. Racing teams will be evaluated together with their soap box car; therefore, pilots can be exchanged as needed within the racing team.
This is a race that requires skill, and speed plays a subordinate role. Points are awarded based on the length of the route achieved, skillful avoidance of obstacles, and the audience’s vote; accordingly, the main thing is to use the existing momentum as skillfully as possible. The racing team with the highest number of points wins. An audience jury of 100 members awards points for the design of the soap box cars. There is also a special award for the most original recycled design. Even if they only award prizes for the first three places—because of course there must be competition—everyone who takes part is a winner!
Note that the event will be postponed to September 11 in the event of rain. If the weather is uncertain, check the website for the decision to postpone.
To participate, register as soon as possible directly on their website; participation is free.


4051 Basel

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