Soirée D’été With Basel Musicians

MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen
Thursday, 06 July

The Kulturtreppe 2023 kicks off with the "Soirée d'Été," featuring Broadway and jazz classics and great Basel voices from the pop, folk, and indie genres. Together with the Soirée house band, they will take the audience on a musical journey through time. On this first evening, there will be five acts.
The youngest in the circle is JULE. The multimedia artist, singer, and musician is a storyteller and immerses her stories in dreamy, melancholy pop worlds with a beautiful, bright voice.
With a timbre as warm, beautiful, and clear as a spring day, Céline Huber has also been providing goosebump moments for many years. Normally she does this with her songs of airy pop and R'n'B, but at the Soirée d'Été she now lends her magic to old jazz standards.
The third singer, Bettina Schelker, has been touring the world as a singer-songwriter for over 20 years and is a true pioneer, not only on the musical stage. Usually she straps on her guitar and goes on tour with her folk, pop, and rock songs—now you can look forward to her tête-à-tête with jazz.
Richard Wipf, one of the most expressive singers on the Basel scene, will also perform on this night. As a solo artist and frontman of the synth-pop band Phoam, he gives you goose bumps with his equally powerful and velvety voice and impressive stage presence, and he will certainly do the same at this Soirée d'Été.
The final guest is Roli Frei. For over 50 years, the man with the big voice has been on the road on the country’s stages and has lived the blues with the legendary Circus or Lazy Poker Blues Band before he found his way to folk and the softer sounds. His voice has not lost a bit of its charisma to this day and now he lends it to jazz for one evening together with JULE, Huber, Schelker, and Wipf.
The five are accompanied by the Soirée house band around Stefania Chiara (vocals), Pio Schürmann (piano), Marco Nenniger (bass), George Ricci (saxophone, clarinet), and Jonas Prina (drums).
The Markthalle Mobil will take care of the refreshments, and the concert will be moved indoors in the museum in the event of bad weather.
Entrance is free but there will be a collection.


MUKS Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen
Baselstrasse 34
4125 Riehen

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