Solsberg Festival Children’s Concert — Tino Flautino and Leo Leonardo the Cat

Stadtkirche Rheinfelden
© jean-baptiste millot
Monday, 03 July

Making music with friends in the unique atmosphere of sacral-baroque venues on the Rhein is the theme of this 18th edition of the Solsberg Festival, which aims to make the deep and beautiful aspects of music discoverable and accessible. The musicians who contribute to the Solsberg Festival have all won major international prizes and can undoubtedly be numbered among the new generation of leading international soloists.
This children’s concert is suited for kids ages 7 and up. King Tino Flautino, who plays the recorder, finds three sheets of music in the Solsberg palace park. He plays the music from sight and discovers that the end of the composition is missing. Too bad! The music is so beautiful! So he goes in search of the missing fourth leaf and the composer who wrote the beautiful piece. During the search, the children can accompany the world-famous recorder player Maurice Steger as Tino Flautino on his journey through an exciting section of music history.
The music performed will include works by J.S. Bach, G. F. Händel, A. Vivaldi, J.B. Lully, L. Leo, and D. Sarro, among others. The story by Jolanda Steiner will be told in Swiss German.
Tickets are CHF 20 for adults and CHF 15 for kids.


Stadtkirche St. Martin
4310 Rheinfelden

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