Soon Circus Company — Gregarious

Station Circus

“Gregarious” is an open-air play for young and old that has been performed more than 60 times and in more than 10 countries. The play is a wonderfully anti-heroic study of the human side of sport. The performance is caught between competition and brotherhood, team spirit and rivalry. Based on their own friendship, the two artists Nilas Kronlid and Manel Rosés have created a contemporary circus jewel full of charm, energy, and sparkling humor. With superior physicality, spectacular scenarios, and lots of wit, they explore the intimacy and humanity in the world of sports. With spectacular artistry, they consistently and with a lot of tongue-in-cheek defy the laws of physics and fight to be the best, fastest, and strongest. To the last drop of sweat and almost like in real life.
In lieu of tickets, there will be a hat collection after the performance.


Station Circus
Münchensteinerstrasse 103
4052 Basel

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