“Soul of Marocco” — Oum

Volkshaus Basel
© lamia lahbabi
Saturday, 11 May

This will be the first visit of the fascinating Moroccan singer Oum El Ghait Benessahraoui to the Jazz Festival Basel. The artist, singer, and songwriter, who was born in Casablanca in 1978, has an extremely strong and seductive voice, which is characterized by the combination of different musical genres. Oum’s work is honest, touching, and full of social engagement. In her texts, the artist addresses relevant themes. The songs are full of sensuality and a kind of spirituality. They are inspired by jazz, soul, gospel, African Music, traditional Moroccan music, and the rhythms of Gnawa and Hassani music, thanks to which the artist has become an ambassador of Moroccan culture and has been referred to as the “Moroccan Diva.” With her music, Oum has been enchanting audiences at festivals and concert halls since 2015. After “Soul of Morocco” (2013) and “Zarabi” (2015), her third album “Daba,” released in 2020, was a new milestone. She recorded the CD together with the Palestinian poet, singer, and Oud player Kamilya Jubran, who also had the artistical direction. The album’s title means “now” in Moroccan.
Tickets are CHF 39.20-87.90.


Volkshaus Basel
Rebgasse 12-14
4058 Basel

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