Sound Garden — Fem*ergy Collective

Fondation Beyeler
© mark niedermann
Wednesday, 28 June

During the warm summer months, the rhythms and sounds of the Sound Garden will once again resound around the pavilion in the park of the Fondation Beyeler. Every Wednesday evening, you can enjoy music by regional and national artists over cool cocktails. From jazz to samba and hip-hop to neo-soul and Afrobeat—the Sound Garden's multifaceted music program invites you to let the midweek summer evenings come to a relaxed close in the Museum Park and to discover new favorite music. Enjoy the evening breeze as you lay back in the beautiful setting of the serene park and enjoy great music for free.
With the fem*ergy collective, you can look forward to a kind of mini-festival on this evening as the Berlin-based collective brings together several female indie artists and their musical worlds: Ay Wing, mari.ama, Johanna Amelie, and Mya Audrey each express themselves in their own musical language, but united as a collective, their poetic messages all testify to joy, hope, and healing. But serious tones also find a place in their repertoire, because as a fem*ergy collective, their music focuses not only on the visibility of female and non-binary artists, but is committed to creating inclusive spaces everywhere, where all are welcome and respected.
This event is free and no advanced booking is required.


Fondation Beyeler
Baselstrasse 101
4125 Riehen

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