Spalenberg Festival — Spalenbergwärts

17:00-20:00 | 10:00-18:00

The Spalenberg and its surrounding streets are arguably Basel’s most charming neighborhood. It is the home to numerous independent local labels, boutiques, cafés, bars, and restaurants that put quality before quantity. On this first-ever "Spalenbergwärts" festival the public is invited to all of these shops, bars, and restaurants for a special program offering workshops, tastings, feel-good moments, competitions, and much more. The participating businesses will allow a unique insight into their work, so come and discover great things.
The adjoining gastro scene invites you to linger with a special offer while various bands and musicians provide intoxicating beats at several locations; click on the appropriate links on their website for a detailed map of what and where. Of course, the little ones have not been forgotten—under the direction of the scouts Schalberg, there will be a great program that will allow mums and dads to wander around for a few hours; meeting point is at the Hotel Basel.


4051 Basel

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