Starbugs Comedy –Showtime!

Fauteuil Theater / Tabourettli
20:00 (Thu.-Sat.) | 17:00 (Sun.)

The eagerly awaited new program from Starbugs Comedy will premiere in 2024. They have become even better and take off into new spheres of comedy with their brand-new program "SHOWTIME!". They take their audience on a journey through the colorful world of the show scene from the very first second. Comedy has never been so lively and dynamic. Nadja Sieger, alias Nadeschkin, was once again involved as director.
"SHOWTIME!" is world-class comedy without words. The three exceptional artists leave the long speeches to others. With full physical commitment and stunning facial expressions, Starbugs Comedy produces a veritable firework display of laughter. From young to old, there is not a dry eye in the house, and the audience roars with laughter. Fabian Berger, Wassilis Reigel, and Martin Burtscher are world champions of non-verbal comedy and dance and act out everything possible and impossible. They constantly surprise the audience with unexpected twists and turns. Their seemingly inexhaustible creativity has an intense side effect—sore muscles from laughing.
Tickets are CHF 39-59.


Theater Fauteuil / Tabourettli
Spalenberg 12
4051 Basel

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