Stimmen Festival — Dekker / Lost in Lona

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Sunday, 20 August

The American singer-songwriter Brookln Dekker, better known as Dekker or "man with a hat," who likes to hide his face under a big hat on stage and in videos, has in recent years made quite a stir with his first two albums "Slow Reveal: Chapter One" and "I Won't Be Your Foe." After last performing with his trio in sold-out clubs all over Germany as well as in Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands, he returns to the intimacy of the solo performance on the tour for his third album, which is announced for autumn 2023. The audience at the Stimmen Festival will be among the first to be able to experience the new songs live.
Lost in Lona, the Basel duo of Lidia Beck and Konstantin Aebli, made people sit up and take notice with their debut EP last year. With a crystal-clear voice, soulful piano melodies, and beautiful guitar sounds, the two tell of enduring and overcoming personal and social crises. When darkness lies like a veil over the world, Lost In Lona draw strength from melancholy and create music that conveys calm and hope in the eye of the storm.
Tickets are € 29 for adults and € 14.50 for kids ages 6-12.


Landschaftspark Wenkenhof
4125 Riehen

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