Stimmen Festival — Gizmo Varillas / Blanco White

Rosenfelspark, Lörrach
© sequoia ziff
Friday, 19 July

The Stimmen (Voices) music festival has become the largest music event on the Upper Rhine, attracting an impressive array of international stars, soloists, and choirs, providing magical moments and musical experiences for young and old. From July 4 to August 4, the festival will pay homage to the power and beauty of the human voice at various special venues in Germany and Switzerland.
The sound of Gizmo Varillas is shaped by musical inspiration from all over the world and a huge range of instruments. With a contemporary message, he creates a powerful combination of simple yet profound Marley-style lyrics, driven by Paul Simon melodies, John Frusciante guitars, and so many more influences that it's impossible to list them all. He spreads “optimism, confidence, and lots of good mood in an encouraging and soothing way,” writes
In the space of two years, Blanco White, aka Josh Edwards, lost almost everything—his health, his ability to make music, and his ability to express himself creatively. But in 2022, the change came. In Tarifa, Spain, the singer-songwriter found his way back to his old form. Inspired by his new center of life, he wrote the songs for his second solo album (“Tarifa”), on which his unique voice and his playing on the charango mix with Brazilian rhythms and Andalusian harmonies.
Tickets are € 38.


Rosenfels Park
Philippe-Suchard-Strasse 17
79540 Lörrach

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