Stimmen Festival — Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band

Rosenfelspark, Lörrach
© ard jongsma
Sunday, 21 July

The Stimmen (Voices) music festival has become the largest music event on the Upper Rhine, attracting an impressive array of international stars, soloists, and choirs, providing magical moments and musical experiences for young and old. From July 4 to August 4, the festival will pay homage to the power and beauty of the human voice at various special venues in Germany and Switzerland.
The singer-songwriter Helene Blum and the violinist and composer Harald Haugaard have established themselves as two of the best performers and innovators of the Danish musical tradition and bring the country's cultural heritage to life at the highest artistic level: their own compositions stand alongside original interpretations of old songs and melodies from Denmark's rich treasury. Their virtuosity and stage presence make their concerts unforgettable. After many individual albums, Blum and Haugaard's paths unite for the second time on “Den Store Sommer.” Over the past 3 years, the two have collected countless inspirations. The resulting album reflects this musical journey of discovery. They are constantly exploring the boundaries between traditional and modern sounds under the umbrella of folk music. For the listener, dancing friends and laughter are closely combined with melancholic darkness—musically always a pleasure.
Tickets are € 35.


Rosenfels Park
Philippe-Suchard-Strasse 17
79540 Lörrach

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