Stimmen Festival — Jake Bugg / Sam Himself

Domplatz, Arlesheim
© kevin cummins
Friday, 07 July

With his most recent album "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning," Jake Bugg has arrived musically. Arguably his most complete and coherent record to date, he marries a love of ABBA, the Beach Boys, Supertramp, and the Bee Gees with a contemporary pop sound. It's now almost 10 years since Bugg took to the stages of the world with his debut album and topped the U.K. albums chart. The then 18-year-old from Nottingham was hailed as the next Bob Dylan. However, fame hasn't gone to the head of the now 27-year-old musician. Rather, it was his own musical development that always came first for him. The albums that followed his debut bear impressive testimony to this. "I don't like doing the same thing over and over" says the singer-songwriter. "I want to push myself and always get to know new influences." It is precisely this attitude that makes his sound special.
Honesty, wit, irrepressible energy, and always a few sparks of chaos characterize Sam Himself 's concerts. His smoky baritone earned the Basel-born songwriter the “Best Talent” award from Swiss national radio and two nominations for the Swiss Music Award. With his latest record "King of Tears," the New Yorker by choice manages the musical balancing act between dance and dream, between raw intimacy and anthemic pop.
Tickets are € 59.


4144 Arlesheim

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