Stimmen Festival — Lady Blackbird / NNavy

Rosenfelspark, Lörrach
© tony duran
Sunday, 30 July

Lady Blackbird is one of the best the international jazz scene currently has to offer. Her debut album "Black Acid Rain" was enthusiastically received by the trade press. Indeed, Marley Siti Munroe, aka Lady Blackbird, has created a masterpiece between pop, jazz, and soul. Songs like "Five Feet Tall," "Blackbird," and "Beware the Stranger" are dark, smoldering, and beautiful. Yet the Los Angeles-based singer often needs little more than her voice and a conspiratorial piano familiar with her world of mind. Her stage name, which refers to Nina Simone's "Blackbird," as well as her voice, which makes one think of Billie Holiday or Etta James, establishes a connection to the great names of jazz. However, there is always something else, something mysterious, indefinite, and overwhelming—and that is Lady Blackbird herself!
With her hypnotic voice between blues, soul, jazz, and R'n'B, the young singer NNAVY navigates in an ocean of emotions. Sometimes melancholic as on her debut "Blue," sometimes seductive as on "Come and Get It," she plumbs the emotional depths. She first dived into these depths with cover versions of well-known songs, which she posted on social media. Since then, the singer from Lausanne has released several EPs and regularly appears on the big stages of Europe, including twice at the Montreux Jazz Festival. She presents songs about loneliness, rejection, and worry, but also about love, hope, and confidence. The audience is invited to open their hearts and let themselves be carried by the waves of sound. Like her idols Tom Misch, Daniel Caesar, FKJ, and Nina Simone, NNAVY touches the soul of her listeners in ever new ways with her very own sound.
Tickets are € 42 for adults and € 21 for kids ages 6-12.


Rosenfels Park
Philippe-Suchard-Strasse 17
79540 Lörrach

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