Stimmen Festival — Sona Jobarteh / Congo Cowboys

Rosenfelspark, Lörrach
© frank schindelbeck
Saturday, 20 July

The Stimmen (Voices) music festival has become the largest music event on the Upper Rhine, attracting an impressive array of international stars, soloists, and choirs, providing magical moments and musical experiences for young and old. From July 4 to August 4, the festival will pay homage to the power and beauty of the human voice at various special venues in Germany and Switzerland.
The kora is a 21-string West African harp traditionally played by men. Sona Jobarteh has broken this old rule! She plays the kora standing up and demonstrates her musical skills on stage as the front woman of her own band. At age 4, she learned the instrument from her brother, laying the foundation for her international career. She later studied music, composition, and African studies in London. She is now enjoying international success with her skills as an instrumentalist, her unmistakable voice, her infectious melodies, and her grace on stage. She uniquely combines the influences of modernity with traditional African music and thus remains connected to the roots of her homeland. She is politically active and has appeared as a singer in several films, such as “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” and “The First Grader.”
The name sums it up: in the music of the Congo Cowboys, bluegrass and country meet the lively, rich rhythms of traditional African music. The result is a dark examination of Americana and old-fashioned songs, which the group gives a completely new character with their unique style. With two EPs, the Congo Cowboys have established their sound and were recently featured on Apple TV in the production “My Kind of Country.”
Tickets are € 42.


Rosenfels Park
Philippe-Suchard-Strasse 17
79540 Lörrach

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