Stimmen Festival — The Nina Simone Story Feat. Fola Dada

Burghof Lörrach
© wilfried heckmann
Thursday, 11 July

The Stimmen (Voices) music festival has become the largest music event on the Upper Rhine, attracting an impressive array of international stars, soloists, and choirs, providing magical moments and musical experiences for young and old. From July 4 to August 4, the festival will pay homage to the power and beauty of the human voice at various special venues in Germany and Switzerland.
Nina Simone's personality could be a picture by Picasso—angular, shifted, mysterious, distorted, and out of focus. The fascination for this extraordinary artist can be felt in the multifaceted show “The Nina Simone Story.” Songs, pictures, film clips, and texts illuminate the life of this extraordinary artist. Fola Dada, Florian Dohrmann, Ulf Kleiner, Felix Schrack, and Christoph Neuhaus as well as the speaker and presenter Katharina Eickhoff (SWR2) are looking for clues.
Tickets are € 23-41.


Burghof Lörrach
Herrenstrasse 5
79539 Lörrach

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