Stimmen Festival — Trëi. One’s for Sorrow, Two’s for Joy

Kirche Rötteln
Tuesday, 30 July

The Stimmen (Voices) music festival has become the largest music event on the Upper Rhine, attracting an impressive array of international stars, soloists, and choirs, providing magical moments and musical experiences for young and old. From July 4 to August 4, the festival will pay homage to the power and beauty of the human voice at various special venues in Germany and Switzerland.
Wailing women, midwives, seers, witches—in their program “One's for Sorrow, Two's for Joy,” the Basel-based group “trëi” sings songs of the women who watch over the bedsides of the living and the dying. Crows, ravens, and magpies accompany their stories and songs, predict war, but also bring good news. Poetically and honestly, trëi deals with persecution, empowerment, and femininity and thus honors all those who have accompanied people on the edge of life by singing for centuries. Abélia Nordmann (voice, accordion, harmonium), Gizem Şimşek (voice, bendir, psaltery), and Mara Miribung (voice, cello) create an increasingly profound community, song by song. It is an exchange that not only takes place on stage between the musicians, but also takes the listeners on a journey through touching worlds of sound. This leads to the origin of music and ultimately also of humanity.
Tickets are € 31.


Kirche Rötteln
Rötteln 7
79539 Lörrach

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