Stimmen Festival — Zoe Wees / Loi

Marktplatz Lörrach
© megan courtis
Wednesday, 12 July

Twenty-year-old Zoe Wees is inextricably linked to music and has quickly become the voice of her generation. When she was still at school, she inspired tens of thousands of people with cover songs on TikTok and YouTube, and with songs like "Control" (the start of her career in late summer 2020), "Girls Like Us," and "Hold Me Like You Used To,” she became a figure of identification for numerous (not only) young fans. To date, her songs have reached well over a billion global streams. Her music transcends prejudices and continents. In 2021, she appeared on U.S. television, was the face of an oversized H&M ad, and was part of Amazon Music's Christmas campaign. Zoe Wees says of her music, "It's fulfilling to be able to tell people what I've been through. I know that I am not alone with all the problems."
There are voices that make you prick up your ears and which really blow your mind. That's exactly what you should be prepared for with Loi . Her first single "I Follow" caused goosebumps, became the soundtrack of "Ostwind" and finally the song from the McDonald's Christmas campaign. On her 2022, single "Bad Idea," Loi tells a story of inner conflict and questions whether rekindling chaos is a bad idea. The production of her songs sounds like a big stage.
Tickets are € 49.


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