Musical Theater Basel
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It is the most furious, original, and funny rhythm spectacle on earth—“STOMP” is a phenomenon! Back in Switzerland it is guaranteed to astonish and exhaust your eyes, ears, and laughing muscles. Armed with nothing but junk and an infallible sense of rhythm, the wonderfully individual “STOMP” characters plumb previously unknown depths of sound.
Whether matchboxes, brooms, or sinks—the “STOMP” cosmos is as diverse as it is inexhaustible. Everyday objects are transformed into singing rubbish and symphonic junk. What began over 25 years ago in the streets of Great Britain with hands, feet, and a few brooms has long since become a worldwide sound phenomenon—Manhattan renamed 8th Street "Stomp Avenue," and London awarded the show the Olivier Award, the most important British theater prize. Now STOMP is back in Switzerland—fresher, faster, funnier! And they are still as fresh, inquisitive, and playful as on the first day. Let yourself be inspired by the high art of finger snapping, broom swinging, and garbage can rattling!
Tickets are CHF 47-97, 30% discounts for students, and 50% discounts for children up to age 16. There are evening shows on all days as well as weekend matinées.


Musical Theater Basel
Feldbergstrasse 151
4058 Basel

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