StradivariFEST—Klangwelle Rhein

Stadtcasino Basel
Wednesday, 11 May

Come along on a Brahms journey with the Stradivari Quartet! The "Klangwellen" (sound waves) concerts are taking place in five regions of Switzerland, including Basel and the Rhein area. They are each dedicated to one composer, who this season is Johannes Brahms. In the "Préludes" at 18:15, well-known cultural journalists introduce the concerts. For the fourth concert in the series, the Stradivari musicians will perform Brahms' Piano Trio in B major, Op. 8, and Piano Quartet in C minor, Op. 60.
Tickets are CHF 55 for adults and CHF 10 for kids and students.


Stadtcasino Basel
Konzertgasse 1
4051 Basel

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