Street Market in Porrentruy (JU)

Fri 30.08. | Sat 31.08. | Sun 01.09.

The “Braderie” (street sale) in the town of Porrentruy was started in the 1930s out of necessity, as a one-day event where merchants and traders could sell off their remaining stocks. As the townspeople also wanted to get in on the action, they too began to sell their unwanted household items on little benches in front of their houses in a kind of a make-shift flea market. The event proved to be so popular with the locals that it has grown and is now held regularly every two years.
Today, the Braderie de Porrentruy is a magical 3-day event with a fun and friendly atmosphere that attracts some 65,000 people to the streets of the old town of Porrentruy. Visitors can explore the many cafés and terraces and share a drink with friends while looking for bargains at the over 200 vendors and selling stations. Saturday night marks the highlight of the celebrations with a brilliant firework display above the castle of Porrentruy—a feast for the eyes when the colors of 14,000 pyrotechnic devices illuminate the castle and town. The 20-minute fireworks will start around 22:00 and will be set to music that will be broadcasted in real time by Radio Frequency Jura, making for a spectacle that will delight both the eyes and ears of young and old alike. In the event of poor weather on Saturday, the fireworks will be postponed to Sunday evening.
The 3-day event will be rounded with some 30 groups and other entertainments that will liven up the festivities, as well as rides for all thrill levels, and a procession of decorated floats and antique cars on Sunday.
Porrentruy is located about 1 hour from Basel by car and there are plenty of parking lots around the town.
Entrance to the Braderie de Porrentruy is free.


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