Stückelberg’s Rediscovered Murals — Fragments From a Basel Artist Salon

Museum Kleines Klingental
Ongoing Event
© ernst stückelberg, "caritas;" photo: mkk, peter schulthess
Sat., 13 May until Sun., 10 March

At the center of this exhibition is a Basel salon from a property known as Erimanshof that was decorated with murals by the artist Ernst Stückelberg (1831-1903) in the 1870s. Shortly before demolition of the property in 1937, parts of the salon decoration were broken out and stored. Moved out of the twilight into the light, the question of the future of the fragments is posed in the exhibition space rich in associations. The property at Museum Kleines Klingental offers insights into the cityscape of Basel, while the salon offers insights into the family history and von Stückelberg's artistry. Exhibits of exemplary Basel interior designs by Berri and Böcklin, or related to Burckhardt and prominent Zürich personalities such as Keller, Rahn, and Römer illuminate art and architectural history as well as personal spheres of influence and refer to related creations by Stückelberg.


Museum Kleines Klingental
Unterer Rheinweg 26
4058 Basel