Study Day with Bettina Vismann

Museum Tinguely
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Wednesday, 16 November

In conjunction with the special exhibition “Territories of Waste,” Museum Tinguely cordially invites you to a study day by and with the media scholars Bettina Vismann (Berlin) and Ute Holl (University of Basel). The theme of the study day is “Slow Science Slow Waste Slow Art.”
Is "recycling" (the recycling of material or valuable substances) a good concept? What does the "after" in sustainability mean? How does deceleration work or is "slow science" possible? The Study Day examines the logics of WASTE from the point of view of time, time concepts and time regimes: not only the difference in principle between linear and cyclical time, but also the relationship between progress and entropy, ecological and economic models of time, of medial (Mary Ann Doane), queer time (Jack Halberstam) or proper time according to Helga Nowotny. What does "homogeneous and empty time" mean (Walter Benjamin) and what does it mean in this context to be entangled, entangled, entangled in time (Isabelle Stengers, Karen Barad)? What models of time do the artists in the exhibition presuppose in their respective works? In short introductions and narratives (Bettina Vismann, Ute Holl, and Sandra Beate Reimann) and above all in joint sketches, we examine which models of time we assume when we think that we will encounter the discarded, the worn-out, that we will encounter waste, rubbish or refuse again? To what extent do we reckon with a return of the repressed? What other practices can be thought of to avoid this?
This event will be held in English.
Cost is included in the admission to the museum; no booking required.


Museum Tinguely
Paul Sacher-Anlage 2
4002 Basel

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