Summerstage Basel 2022

Park im Grünen

Basel has its own outdoor music festival, Summerstage, which this summer will take place at the end of June in Park Im Grünen in Münchenstein. The festival runs over three days and features three acts on Thursday evening (Nico Santos, Max Giesinger, and A Head on Fire), five acts on Friday (Provinz, Zian, Kaffkiez, Das Lumpenpack, and Les Touristes) and five acts on Saturday (Patent Ochsner, Kunz, Dabu Fantastic, Ginger and the Alchemists, and Rislane and the Lovers).
The venue opens at 17:30 on Thursday, 16:00 on Friday, and at 15:30 on Saturday. The concert grounds can be reached by tram 14.
Tickets are CHF 80 for Thursday and Saturday, CHF 85 for Friday, which are valid for all concerts on the day and are available at If you hold a Migros Cumulus card, you can purchase the tickets through their online ticket shop at for a 25% discount off of the regular price.


Park im Grünen
4142 Münchenstein

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