Swiss National Day Celebrations on the Bruderholz

Wasserturm Bruderholz
Tuesday, 01 August

On August 1, Basel’s official celebration of Swiss National Day takes place on the Bruderholz. The grounds open at 18:00, and there will be children’s activities to entertain the family until the program begins with the ringing of the bells of the Titus Church (19:50). Modern and traditional music, dance, circus, and singing formations will delight the audience on stage. The local neighborhood QCB circus artists will perform at 20:25. There will be a 10-minute speech by the President of the Grossrat (Grand Council) at 21:15, and the children will start their lantern procession at 21:30. The evening’s program will end with a laser light show with fireworks and a water show at 22:15.

Wasserturm Bruderholz
Reservoirstrasse 200
4059 Basel

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