Tabea Martin — Love Scenes

Reithalle Kaserne Basel
© rio basel
19:00 (Wed.) / 14:00 (Thu.) / 10:00 (Fri.) / 19:00 (Sat.)

If love is a deliberate choice, then we also have the freedom not to love, not to embrace it. For the four dancers on stage, the decision has been made. The audience encounters them in recurring love scenes—engaging, rejecting, and grappling with doubts along the way. Following a European dance scene tour, Basel choreographer Tabea Martin returns to Kaserne Basel with a poignant portrayal of a society on a quest for connection, oscillating somewhere between contemplation and ecstasy in this modern dance piece.
Tickets are CHF 15-35.


Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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