Talk — Halt Gewalt (Stop Violence)

Spalenring 169
Thursday, 18 January

Many of us still consider it unlikely to ever be confronted with domestic violence—either as a potential victim or as a third party who witnesses or suspects domestic violence in our community, neighborhood, schools, or family.
Organized by the American Women’s Group (AWC), this talk will be presented by Imma Mäder, co-leader of the “Halt Gewalt” (Stop Violence) project, initiated in autumn 2022 by the Department of Justice and Security, cantonal police, of canton Basel-Stadt (
The presentation will address two main questions: How can I recognize (more subtle) forms of violence and abuse, and what can I do if I suspect or witness a case of possible domestic violence? This project aims to better inform our community on this topic. It encourages each of us to have more civil courage when we are confronted with domestic violence in our communities, because survivors routinely talk about the importance the social network has in helping to change an abusive situation. The talk will provide an update how project “Halt Gewalt” is going, and why such projects are important.
Attendance is free and open to the public; for more information, please contact


Spalenring 169
4055 Basel

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