The Best of Rob Spence

Kulturhotel Guggenheim
Tuesday, 14 March

With a seemingly boneless body and a rubber face, Rob Spence is a comedy powerhouse comparable to the likes of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey on stage. With amazing speed, he masterfully combines verbal stand-up, gestures, and slapstick. His performances have been described as "pantomime with punch lines."
Whether as a stand-up comedian, mime artist, or dancer, Australian Rob Spence has dedicated most of his life to art and creating deep laugh lines and burning abdominal muscles worldwide. In 2020, he started his “Best of Rob Spence” tour, offering everyone the unique opportunity to catch up on the highlights from the past decades in one fell swoop. Audiences can expect an exquisite mixture of the greatest laughs, the most unusual figures, and the most spectacular dance interludes. The master of physical comedy will cast a spell over you with full commitment. Look forward to the animal-friendly “Lumberjack,” the hot-blooded “Matador,” the dancing member of the “Carabinieri,” and many more! Suitable for the whole family.
You can also enjoy a 3-course concert menu before the show; you will have a reserved seat in the first rows in the arena and can enjoy your dinner in peace until just before 20:00.
Price is CHF 48.35 for show only and CHF 89.35 for show and menu.


Kulturhotel Guggenheim
Wasserturmplatz 6
4410 Liestal

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