The Comedy Kiss Showcase

Saturday, 03 August

You'll be amazed at the talent the English-speaking comedy scene has. On this evening, host Richard Cunha presents to you the talent developed locally by both expats and Swiss alike. Come and enjoy this great night of English comedy.
Adonis Bou Chakra is a Swiss-Lebanese comedian who brings a unique blend of Swiss precision and Lebanese zest to his comedy. He hails from the Swiss Alps and the vibrant streets of Beirut and now calls Zürich his home. He is all about shattering stereotypes about Swiss punctuality and Lebanese warmth. As he prepares for his upcoming wedding, he's ready to share stories of love, laughter, and the delightful chaos of relationships, offering a perspective that will have you laughing and nodding along.
Teddy Hall is a comedian who learned his trade in London. He has been performing across Europe for years, exciting audiences with an unpredictable and quick-witted brand of comedy all about language, mental health, sexuality, and dentists. In his base of Basel, Switzerland, he has founded and runs the On The Run Comedy Club and co-produces and hosts Comic Strip, a variety show renowned for its beautiful chaos. Hall’s comedy veers from the profound to the inane to the stupid, keeping audiences on their toes, despite this being a very uncomfortable way to sit. Hall was nominated for a Swiss Comedy Award (and lost) and has also featured on Comedy Central DE Roast Battle and iUmor.
Gian-Marco Lutz is a student of philosophy and comedy and he is as funny as his nose is big. He diversified into stand-up after he realized that the job market for philosophers has not been hot in thousands of years. He really needs this gig. Born, raised, and hardly educated in Basel, his comedy resembles Swiss cheese—sweet, smooth, and full of holes. It pairs nicely with a good white wine. He has been performing all over Switzerland, and can't wait to show you what he's got. It definitely wasn't written by a rat on his head.
Doors open at 19:00, so come early, get a drink, and reserve the best seats for this English night of comedy.
Tickets are CHF 24 in advance or CHF 34 at the door; early bird tickets are CHF 18.


Erlenstrasse 59
4058 Basel

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