“The Chopin Project” — Kurt Rosenwinkel / Jean-Paul Brodbeck Quartet

Atlantis Basel
© tobias stahel
Tuesday, 25 April

Legendary jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and celebrated Swiss pianist Jean-Paul Brodbeck team up for the “Chopin Project,” a historic collaboration in which they reinterpret the music of Fréderic Chopin for the jazz quartet. Joining Rosenwinkel and Brodbeck are the brilliant young Swiss bassist Lukas Traxel and drummer Jorge Rossy. With 10 captivating performances of original arrangements of classic preludes, études, nocturnes, and valses, Brodbeck and company leave no doubt—romantic rhythms segue into swing; edgy folk melodies morph into the blues; and the refined elegance of Chopin's long, arching melodic lines is transfigured by the transcendent energy of post-bop. Brodbeck states, "The world of Chopin has driven me so much over the years that I first developed as a pianist and then began to adopt his aesthetic and approach to phrasing and melodies." Don’t miss this compelling crossover project!
Tickets are CHF 49.40-70.80 for seats and CHF 35.10 for standing room.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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