“The Last Supper” Da Vinci Exhibition

St. Jakobshalle
Ongoing Event
Sat., 20 January until Sat., 16 March

Dive into an immersive experience about Da Vinci’s masterpiece, “The Last Supper.” Get closer to the genius than ever and discover in a 360-degree audiovisual exhibition all the hidden secrets about one of the world’s most famous paintings. Surround yourself with stunning images on a projection screen of over 5000 sq ft, revealing every aspect of the famous painter's life and work, extending far beyond the painting itself. Take a deep dive into one of the world's most iconic paintings, exploring every stroke and geometric composure. It encompasses both art history and serves as the cradle of numerous conspiracy theories. What enigmas and mysteries revolve around this masterpiece, and how much truth lies within them? The immersive exhibition takes visitors on a visually striking, emotional, thrilling, and informative journey through the captivating history surrounding “The Last Supper”!
Opening hours are 10:00-20:00 daily; visit duration is approximately 75 minutes. All ages are welcome.
Tickets start at CHF 22 for adults with timed entry, CHF 18 for students up to age 27, CHF 12.50 per person for families of 4 or more, and free for kids under 6; prices are higher on the weekends and with flexible admission.


St. Jakobshalle
St. Jakobs-Strasse 390
4052 Basel

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