The Queen’s Revenge — Kriemhild Sings the Nibelungenlied

Dorfkirche St. Arbogast, Muttenz
Friday, 23 June

Basel-based Ensemble Parlamento presents a medieval story-telling program in six musical chapters. Using the texts from original manuscripts (it turns out that Mittelhochdeutsch sounds a lot like modern Swiss German!), the love, loss, and revenge of Lady Kriemhild are dramatically told by soprano Karin Weston and accompanied by lute, fiddle, and flute playing German music from the same era. The Ensemble Parlamento consists of Karin Weston (USA) – voice; Elizabeth Sommers (USA) – vielle; Ailen Monti (Argentina) – lute and gittern, co-direction; and Holly Scarborough (USA) – medieval transverse flute, pipe & tabor, co-direction.
In addition to this concert in Muttenz, they will also be performing this program on June 24 in Zurich and June 25 in Bern (see website).
Entrance is free, but there will be a collection; all ages are welcome.


Dorfkirche St. Arbogast
Kirchplatz 1
4132 Muttenz

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